Demystifying the destination in Technology

What does this mean?

Teachers are clear what success looks like before embarking on a topic. This is then passed onto the students so that they know what success looks like. Students know what they need to be able to say and/or do. Students are almost completely independent of the teacher as they understand how to improve their work, the resources to help themselves and can identify themselves what to do next.



In our workbooklets we ensure that when students complete a piece of work that is going to be marked that the “assessment criteria” has been clearly identified first of all with teachers but then students are clear of the success criteria by printing it as a ticket on the same page.

Product analysis page

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Secondly, so that students know what they need to do, and help themselves and know what to do next we have scrolling images on the TV in each workshop which they can use to help themselves. When you press F5 and play the presentation it will continuously loop until ESC is pressed. Some examples are below:

Product Analysis Lesson Scroll

Design Spec Lesson Scroll

Design Ideas Lesson Scroll

Evaluation Lesson Scroll


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