Resource: GCSE Computer Science Revision

These revision packs have been created by taking all the old A451 papers and splitting the questions out by topic so that students can complete and master one topic at a time. By completing all the revision packs they will still have completed all the past papers.

It also helps staff see what is required for each topic and the type of questions that have been asked.

I know A451 is now legacy spec but most of the topics and questions will still be relevant. I will add the Summer 2017 questions in due course.

I usually set students an individual pass mark, securely above their target grade, and they have to keep doing the revision pack until they get their pass mark. Throughout Year 11 I set 1 lesson a fortnight a side to complete revision packs and students would do the one they were up to. Obviously some students completed them first time and moved on to the next whilst others took an attempt, feedback, and then another attempt to secure their pass mark.

These were also used for homework in Year 11 and were made available to students to use as part of their revision close to the exam.

1. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 1 Logic Gates
2. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 2 Data Representation
3. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 3 Computer Systems

4. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 4 Input Output Storage
5. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 5 Software
6. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 6 Networks
7. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 7 The Internet
8. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 8 Databases
9. GCSE Computing Revision Pack 9 Programming

I do not take credit for any of the content inside the revision packs these are simply existing content published by OCR in their past exam papers (which can be found here). All I have simply done is group the questions by topic.

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