Resource: OOP Questions

Some resources and ideas on an OOP lesson I’d like to share.

Each student would receive a copy of this workbooklet: Workbook OOP

There is a presentation here to go through some of the theory with students: Object Oriented Programming

As I deliver the presentation there are some spaces for notes on pages 2,3 and 4 for students to make notes so that they are actively listening during the presentation.

We would then move onto page 5 where students would have a go at answering the two questions. They would then collect a copy of the mark schemes (Help Desk Mark Schemes) so that they could mark their own. Alternatively they could be peer marked using these slips and stapled to the page (Peer assessment slips)

They then on page 5 would use their answers and information gathered from looking at the mark schemes to create a success criteria individually and then shared with the class to check it was correct. Things I would expect to see on there would be parent class at the top, with sub classes underneath, name of class in a box, arrows drawn between classes, arrows pointing upwards etc.

They would then do the same for class definitions across pages 7,8 and 9. The question has a model within it which they can use to help them, they have a go at the questions, and mark schemes are available on a help desk. They would then construct themselves a success criteria for class definitions and this would be shared and finalised with the class.

Now that they have completed some example questions for class definitions and inheritance diagrams, reviewed them, and created a success criteria for each they are in a position to answer June 2014 Question 8 using the knowledge, their success criteria and mistakes they may have made from the practice questions.

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