SOW: Year 7 Jewellery Box

The following is the extract from our Year 7 Long Term plan showing what we develop in the Jewellery Box SOW:

Jew Box.PNG

Here is a copy of the student workbooklet (Jewellery_Box_Student_Workbooklet)

You will see that the front cover identifies what the assessment pieces will be for this project. We don’t assess every piece on every project, just that, across the 3 projects they do in one year they are assessed on each piece twice. For example assessed on Product Analysis in their first and third project but not their second. This saves some time and means different projects focus on different aspects.

When you get to the relevant page of each assessment piece (for example page 4 shows the product analysis) you will see an ‘assessment ticket’ in the top right hand corner. This enables the assessment criteria to be clear to staff and students before they complete the task. It makes marking more efficient as all the teacher has to do is tick off the criteria the student has demonstrated and then write a meaningful target using the criteria. It helps with consistenty of marking across the department.

For example a student might get numbers 1 and 2 ticked off and then the target might read something like “To improve this product analysis or one in the future you should include: another point from each part of ACCESS FM to analyse the product in more detail”

The following are displayed on the board when the students complete their assessment pieces of work to show how they can push, stretch and challenge themselves, to make their work better. Success Criteria Product Analysis Success Criteria Specification Success Criteria Evaluation

We also have some resources that can be on the board and scroll automatically round to help students: 
Product Analysis Lesson Scroll

Design Spec Lesson Scroll
 Evaluation Lesson Scroll
Wood Scroll

A full scheme of work for this project can be found here: JewelleryBox Short Term Planning KS3 Technology

A range of extra extension tasks can be found here to slot into lessons or for students to complete if they finish something or are waiting for a machine etc:

Types of wood
Types of wood 2
Where does wood come from
JB Plan of making
Jewellery Box Extension Work 1
Jewellery Box Extension Work 2
Jewellery Box Extension Work 3

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