GCSE Resistant Materials Exam Questions

When planning lessons it is important to ensure you as a teacher understand ‘what does exceptional look like for this topic?’

If you as a teacher don’t know what exceptional looks like for the topic you are about to teach then you will not be able to pass this onto the students and therefore they will not know what success looks like.

One way I gather information about what success looks like is looking at past exam papers. However, what I do is look at each exam paper and split out the questions into the different topics. This allows me to see the types of questions that come up per topic and the types of things students need to be able to know and do for each topic. I can use this in helping students understand what success looks like for each topic.

When revising with students rather than completing one paper after another, we use these “revision packs” to practice exam questions. The end result is still that all questions are completed just done by topic. It helps students see patterns, common questions and understand what is required for each topic and question. They can identify their stronger and weaker topics and practice exactly what they need to.

Here are some links to all the GCSE Resistant Materials Past Paper Exam questions by topic (including the 2017 paper) along with a checklist of what each topic appears to require.

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments

Expert Checklist
Tools and Equipment Questions
Sustainability Questions

Section A Questions

Production Questions
Product Development Questions
Materials Questions

Electrical systems questions

Ergonomics Questions

Finishes Questions

Health and Safety Questions
Making and Sketching Questions


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